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Monthly Archives: April 2017

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You may come across several issues where you might need the help of the lawyers.   There are several types of lawyers and you need to choose as per your case.  The primary question that may strike a chord is which kind of legal counselor to choose for a wide range of legitimate issues.  You can […]

When you go into a public place, you expect to be safe. It is incumbent upon owners and managers of facilities and premises that are frequented by members of the public to take reasonable measures to ensure their safety. In many cases, the actions are prescribed and regulated by law. It is not up to […]

Turning for legal help when necessary can be an anxious time for many individuals. With that in mind, will you opt for legal help when you’ve in a difficult situation? Whether that is the result of someone’s negligence towards you or your own wrongdoing, don’t waste time. In searching for the right legal team, be […]

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January 18, 2015, was the date that changed Emily Doe’s life forever. After a night of partying and drinking she was found unconscious near a dumpster. The assailant was Brock Turner, who was pinned down by two Swedish graduate students, Peter Lars Johnson and Carl-Fredrik Arndt. Emily is a victim of rape. The great horror […]

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 Slowly but surely, those sighs of relief you hear in different parts of the country, they are the reactions from many people looking to see marijuana legalized in all 50 states. While that notion is certainly not likely to come true anytime soon, inroads are definitely being made in the fight to legalize recreational marijuana. […]