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Monthly Archives: August 2017

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Immigration lawyers are expert professionals who have specialization in plenty starting from law labor to criminal law since people are not so much aware of various rules and regulations related to activities within and before going abroad. There are people who consider immigration law to be one of those which are considered intricate and complex […]

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In most countries there is no provision for hiring labor lawyers for cases where one is in emergency need. Employment as well as work related matters include discrimination and even harassment in the workplace or the labor area. Before deciding what to do in this regard it is important to know whom to approach when […]

In this article, we will give you some useful tips and examples of exercises on how to improve your intuition. A Must-Read for a Student: How to Develop Intuition The finals passed by, it is summer, time for fun. However, new challenges and tests are waiting for you in the next semester. It is difficult […]

Child support and a fair share for each parent is a hot topic in many countries. Child Support and How to Figure Fair Share for Each of the Parents In a case of a divorce or separation of parents of a child, either of the parents has the responsibility to collect payments or pay for […]

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Most people are good about keeping control of their dogs. They understand their responsibility that to prevent their pets from causing injury to others. But not everyone shares this view. A minority of pet owners believe that people should keep clear of their dogs if they don’t want to get bitten. This is the exact […]

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Each author has the right to demand respect for his property rights to authorship. This means that no one without the consent of the author has the legal right to use the workmanship of his intellectual work. Otherwise, such intrusions into the private intellectual property will be considered offenses, for which defendants will be punished […]

Labor laws are a key element to eradicate poverty – hence they are included in the SDGs, the topic we would talk to you here. Labor Laws and the Achievement of the Economic Equality Goal of the SDGs? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were passed on September 2015 have three key purposes. Firstly, they […]