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When It’s Time To Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Not every incident requires legal assistance. There are some situations where you might be hurt due to someone else’s negligence, but the other party is willing to compensate you financially and your insurer is being helpful.

While many incidents won’t involve the aid of legal council, some unfortunately will. If you’ve been doing internet searches for “personal injury lawyer Florida” but you’re not sure if you actually need an attorney, then consider these situations when you should absolutely seek the council of a personal injury attorney.

You’re Seriously or Permanently Injured

When it comes to minor injuries, the aid of an attorney often isn’t necessary. However, if you’ve been seriously or permanently injured, it’s almost always advisable to seek legal aid. When you’re dealing with a severe injury, you want to ensure that you’re sufficiently protected and receive the compensation that you deserve.

The Guilty Party Is Being Uncooperative

Sadly, sometimes when you’re hurt due to someone else’s negligence, the guilty party refuses to own up to their wrongdoing and provide you with what you deserve. You shouldn’t allow an uncooperative guilty party to just get away with negligence. Instead, you should consult with a personal injury attorney and begin the process of getting justice.

Your Insurer Is Being Difficult

If you or the guilty party’s insurer doesn’t want to provide you with the compensation you deserve, you shouldn’t try to remedy the issue yourself. Insurance companies have extremely proficient legal teams and it can be difficult to take them on on your own. Instead, you need a competent attorney who’s familiar with challenging insurers’ decisions.

Your Medical Bills Are Paid, But You Lost Wages

Many times, injured people can easily get the guilty party to compensate them for their medical expenses, but that doesn’t replace the wages they lost when they were unable to work due to their injury. You’re entitled to more than just medical compensation. Retain the aid of an attorney if you’ve lost wages due to your incident.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, especially if they’ve been the victim of negligence. If you’ve suffered an injury, a personal injury lawyer might be what you need in order to ensure you get justice.

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