What Is a Child Custody Lawyer?

Because of the many technicalities that accompany custody law, a divorce attorney who does not specialize in cases involving child support may not be aware of the legal minutia involved in a custody case or the plethora of personal difficulties that arise when two parents are deciding what is best for their children after divorce. An experienced Pasco County child support lawyer can provide you with the expertise necessary to ensure the best outcome for your child support case.

Types of Custody

There are three typical child custody arrangements: joint custody, shared or rotating custody, and sole custody. Under Florida law, every child under eighteen-years-old will have continued and frequent parental contact after divorce or separation proceedings. When it comes to determining which parent will get custody of the child, the court will give equal consideration to both the mother and the father because the interest of the child is the primary consideration for the court when determining custody and child support. The majority of child custody cases result in a court order splitting parental responsibility between the father and the mother.

Child Support

Both parents have a responsibility to support their children, with the amount provided by each parent being determined in accordance with their respective financial means. In the majority of cases, the requirement to provide child support will end when the child turns eighteen-years-old. Generally, the court will decide that both the father and the mother are responsible for supporting the child until their eighteenth birthday. However, in some cases the court will award custody of the child to only one of the parents. When a conflict arises over aspects of the child welfare, including considerations such as education, religion, or moving the child away from the area, the court will make the decision regarding which parent will have the responsibility of making decisions on the contested aspects of the child’s welfare. Child support lawyers Pasco County can provide assistance throughout the confusing process and answer any questions about the specific circumstances of a child custody case.