4 reasons to hire a local attorney

The concept of choosing local products over imports is well-established in many industries. Of course, buying locally helps build the local industry. Furthermore, it is cheaper than buying something produced in another region or country. This concept also applies to the law industry.

A search on the internet reveals a huge number of attorneys. However, you should consider going local. If you’re thinking about hiring a local attorney in Las Vegas, here are top 5 reasons why you should do so. Read on for more insight.

1. Knowing the right people

Hiring a local attorney is a big advantage because they know all the people in the right places. If you’re charged with distracted driving, your lawyer will probably know the police officer who stopped and arrested you. Moreover, he or she knows the judges, prosecutors, and everybody involved in the justice system.

Knowing the persons involved and how they have previously dealt with similar situations is essential in several ways. For example, some legal defenses are more persuasive to a particular judge compared to another one. These local connections could work in your favor.

2. Adhering to the standard rules

Each court exercises its own standard rules of practice. While the rules are wide-ranging, some are more staunchly adhered to compare to others. A non-local lawyer is likely to draw criticism from the judge for their lack of knowledge of a specific rule. Rules may range from whether to sit or stand when talking to the judge to knowing the right persons to appear for a hearing. Of course, it is somewhat difficult for any lawyer to know all the rules that apply to all courts. That’s why a local attorney is better placed to understand the regulations of the local court a lot better compared to a visiting lawyer.

3.  Strong reputation in the area

Reputation is integral in the law industry. Some attorneys have a good reputation while others don’t. Local lawyers will want to maintain a strong reputation in their backyard. As a result, they are likely to be thorough, well-prepared and strategic when presenting your case in court.

4.  Availability

Convenience is another reason why a local attorney is a safe bet than a non-local. If the distance between you and your attorney’s office is a couple of hours, chances are you won’t be able to meet regularly. You always want easier access to your attorney’s office in case of any update or feedback.

It may be a challenge to find a genuine local attorney. A lot of firms nowadays have satellite branches all over a region. You can meet with them in that office even though they don’t spend most of their time there. Indeed, the satellite office may make a lawyer appear local, without providing any of the advantages of genuine local counsel.

Inquire from the attorney how regularly he or she frequents the specific office location before deciding whether or not to seek their services.