5 Responsibilities of a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney is a legal professional who deals with legal issues between people with a family relation. Family law Attorney deals with child custody, guardianship, and divorce. They also deal with issues of child abuse, spousal abuse, alimony, annulment, adoption, legitimacy, parental responsibilities, as well as the property settlement. This article will expound on these issues in detail to help you understand the services of a family law Burlington lawyer.

Marriage Dissolution

Divorce is a process of ending a marriage permanently. Courts in most jurisdictions will only grant a divorce if the relationship involves one of the legal grounds for divorce as provided by the statute. In case the divorce is contested, the family lawyer helps a party prove to the court that indeed the marriage relationship satisfies the laid down statutory grounds for divorce. Even where the divorce is by mutual consent, a family attorney helps by preparing and filing the petition of divorce by mutual consent.

Paternity and child custody

Paternity is the legal parentage of a child. In many jurisdictions around the world, it is assumed that the person married to the mother of the child is the father. Hence you will need a family lawyer to help you establish paternity or challenge paternity and avoid obligations that aren’t yours. In case you are divorcing, and children are involved, a family Attorney can help you to negotiate custody by either an agreement or in the court.


The law provides for the appointment of someone to make welfare and legal decisions onbehalf of persons who are incapacitated or too young. A family lawyer can help with the preparation of legal guardianship paperwork, guidance as well as representations.

Property settlement

During a divorce or legal separation, couples have to divide the assets that they once shared. Complex property division requires negation or even litigation. That’s where the services of an experienced property settlement lawyer are needed. Property and assets for purposes of property settlement not only includes the couple’s home, vehicles, and jewelry but also shared bank accounts, Real estate, shared family businesses, securities and investments, trusts and estates, retirement assets and accounts, debts, and many others.


Alimony refers to the regular monetary payments to a spouse during your separation, divorce proceedings, or even after the divorce. This usually happens when one spouse is the breadwinner. Alimony is a complex legal issue. Every jurisdiction has its own rules as to when alimony may be granted and also the amount and duration. The alimony lawyer also referred to as spousal support attorney can assist you when negotiating your alimony amount. The attorney can also help you if you are trying to change a prearranged amount.


The family lawyer has many duties beyond what we discussed above.  The attorney is well versed with rules; regulations as well as the court procedures involving the family unit. Some family law issues like divorce, child custody, paternity, and alimony require the expertise of the family attorney. A family lawyer will always pursue the best possible outcome for their clients.

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