Common Questions About Bail Bonds

An arrest can be frightening, particularly if it is a first time. Most people do not know the process for getting released from jail. This is where a bondsman can be of assistance. Naturally, when you are accused of a crime and arrested, you will have questions about how to proceed.

How Do I Get Out on Bond?

After the arrest, you or a family member or friend can contact a bail bondsman and explain the situation. The bondsman will want to know what you are charged with and where you are being held. They will also need to know the amount of the bail, as well as some personal information. This includes your full name, address, date of birth, place of employment, and a few other things.

Generally, a bail bondsman will want 10% of the amount of the bail that was set to secure your release. If the bail is particularly high, they may want you to put up something else of value as collateral. Once they receive your information and the money, they will get you released from jail. You will need to sign a paper promising to show up for all court appearances.

How Long Does it Take the Bondsman to Get Someone Out of Jail?

Usually it only takes a short time. However, it depends on the time of day you were arrested and how busy it is at the facility where you are being held. Sometimes it can take several hours. If a friend or family member is paying the fee for your release, it can also depend on how quickly they can meet with the bondsman. When searching for bail bonds near me pittsburgh pa, one choice is Mirolli Bail Bonds.

Who Can Post Bail?

Anyone that you call, such as a family member, friend, your attorney, or a bail bondsman can pay the bail amount to get you released from jail. The person must be at least 18 years old and have a driver’s license or state issued ID. This person is considered a co-signer, and he or she is responsible for the entire amount of the bond if you do not show up for your court dates.

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