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DIY Divorce Can Cause Lots of Problems For You

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Some couples don’t want to get involved in the prolonged and exhaustive court process. They don’t even consult with an attorney to reach a settlement. They go for a DIY or Do It Yourself divorce. Most people like this process because it saves them money. They don’t have to pay for court fees, witness fees and attorney’s bills. You can feel freedom of reaching the terms you like. No lawyer or judge can tell you what to do. You can draft the terms and keep the process at a speed you like. You can also save yourself from washing your dirty linens in the public.

But seeking divorce without an attorney can seriously complicate the process. It is very risky, to say the least. Most of the people are untrained in legal matters. They simply don’t have the basic know how about these matters. So the most common problem is preparing the documents incorrectly. For example if you have divided the retirement account in a wrong way, you cannot undo it after you get the judgment.

But it is not that you can’t reach a good agreement. There are times when people reach an agreement that appears favorable to both parties. But during the process, they fail to see some of the points that needed some betterment. Problems occur when you fail to create a specific parenting plan for your children. There can be enforcement issues with DIY divorce agreement. If you have acquired a custody judgment from a state in which your children do not live, you cannot get your judgment enforced from a another court in another state. So the parties should consult with a court that has the authority to exercise power in the custody judgment.

But if you go for a settlement through an attorney or from a court, the chances of getting things wrong are minute. When it comes to custody of the child, the court keeps in view the best interests of the children. Your personal liking and choices are not important when it comes to the interests of children. If a child’s future is secure with the mother, the court is highly likely to give a verdict in her favor. Moreover the court can enforce the verdict as it is.

If you want to reach a settlement agreement, a good attorney can help  you draft the agreement by keeping in view the minute details that are to be included. They are professionals and they know how a settlement is to be reached. There are plenty of things to be cared about such as selling of the house. When to sell it? On which price you need to sell it? Who will live until it is sold? All this cannot be done without an expert attorney. Petroske Riezenman & Meyers attorneys posses the required experience and training. You don’t have to worry about your property and children. They support you in an emotional and difficult time.

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