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Four Reasons to Hire Structural Engineering Expertise

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As the name suggests, structural engineers ensure that buildings are structurally sound. Most people associate these building experts with large projects such as bridges and high-rise construction. However, these engineers can also be contracted for various residential projects. Here are 4 reasons you should enlist the services of an engineer.


Design is one of the key areas that these engineers deal with. When coming up with the design of the building, these engineers calculate the stresses and loads that the building will withstand. Their task is also to weigh the strengths and weights of using different building materials. They also factor in the use of columns, support beams and the foundation, and how they affect the overall weight of a building. The design aspect is more than just putting a design concept on paper. The structural integrity should not be compromised.


Home renovations often touch on the stability of a house. It is wise to hire a structural expert to assess what is feasible and what may compromise the integrity of the building. The engineer will provide you with structural drawings that will be used by the renovations contractor or architect. Remember that structural designs and projects must comply with the building regulations. This will depend on the scale of the project. Hiring an engineer ensures that any renovations done comply with the stipulations. The type of renovations that call for a structural expertise includes loft conversions, building extensions, removing or adding a chimney breast, fitting solar panels, modifying internal walls and underpinning floors.

Structural inspections

Structural inspection is not only crucial when conducting renovations but also when your property has suffered harsh weather damage. The recent hurricanes that have rocked various parts of the country have led to structural damage. This damage may not be obvious. However, after water damage or storm damage, it is best to have the building inspected. There are also tell signs that may indicate that you need to conduct a structural inspection. Some of the most common ones are cracking walls, sagging roofline or ceilings. Structural inspections are also important when buying a house. The engineer will identify any structural issues to help you make an informed decision whether to buy the house and the cost of repair implications.

Expert Witness

If you are involved in property investment or renovations, it is easy to find yourself in a legal dispute over structural matters. Structural experts can offer their unbiased view on the structural integrity of a building. This can be given in a report to be tabled in court or they can testify based on their expertise. Seeking their expertise before going to court can help you forge a way forward. When searching for an expert witness, ensure that they belong to a professional body. This is because their credentials will be put to question especially if they are appearing in court.

The field of building engineering has grown. You can benefit greatly from their expertise and avoid complications and losses in future.


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