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Grieving Over a Personal Injury

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When people think of grief, they often think of loss. Images of the death of a loved one or the loss of a marriage might be common things people associate with grief. In reality, there are many things that can cause grief in one’s life, and one of those events is a personal injury incident. A personal injury lawyer in San Antonio is familiar with the grief associated with a severe injury. These injuries cause plenty of loss, though many people don’t even think of a personal injury in terms of the grieving process.

When someone is in a major car accident that severely injures them physically and emotionally, they too will go through a type of grieving process that may even include some of the common stages such as denial. A car accident is a violent event and brings with it all forms of unpleasant emotions. Fear is one emotion that is rampant during the accident. Depression may follow during healing from physical injury. The person may feel like they’ve lost their sense of safety both in the car and outside of it. All of these emotions are common, and personal injury attorneys help their clients get help for the grief they experience after the accident.

Because of the severe nature of some accidents, the victim may lose their job or become unable to work permanently. Grief will arise here as well. Some people might have had terrific careers that gave them financial stability before the accident. Afterwards, they find themselves applying for government assistance just to get by. The loss of a career that was promising can cause some of the greatest grief after a car accident. This is why so many people turn to attorneys. Of everything the accident might take away, the loss of a career and financially stability will be among the most grievous.

A personal injury attorney is your best friend during this time of grief. While it’s important to take care of all medical issues, following up with an attorney after a personal injury due to negligence is vital to your well-being. Some car accidents and other personal injuries will mean permanent loss of wages and work. As soon as you are able to contact an attorney, do so. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will have run out of time to file a lawsuit.

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