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How Medical Product Packaging Research and Development Is Critical to Improvement

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The finished design of most medical product packaging is still subject to ongoing improvements through constant research and development. It is a critical process of analyzing how a package can be changed to address specific needs and secure products better. Below are a few of the specific areas that frequently get redesigned for consistent improvements.

Quality of Seals

All medical products are expected to arrive at the consumer location in dust, dirt and contaminant-free condition. This is sometimes easier said than done. Faulty seals can allow all sorts of contamination to happen before the products reach their destination. Constant research and development are done in the area of sealing packaging in a secure way. Each improvement cultivates greater consumer trust in the product.

Sterile Barriers

Equipment and supplies that will be used for medical and surgical procedures have to be maintained in a sterile barrier containment package. These need to secure enough to keep the items guaranteed sterile, but not prove too difficult for the medical professionals to access in a hurry. Improvement comes through striking the right delicate balance.

Thickness of Material

Failure for most packaging when it comes to regulations is the thickness of the materials used. It needs to be thick enough to avoid holes being punched through during shipment and storage. It also needs to provide a healthy barrier from germs and other forms of contamination. All packaging is monitored for adequate thickness. Improvements in the type of material can make the packaging lighter and less bulky.

End-Use Convenience

The packaging for products that are used in a medical facility might look very different from those in use by first responders, or emergency room personnel. These individuals have to grab items on the go quickly. Careful research and development of medical package design will incorporate their needs for accessing the products they frequently use.

Child Safety

The safety of children around potentially harmful medication is an ongoing concern for all designers of medical product packaging. They are committed to developing containment for medication that is easy for the patient but provides safety features to protect children from accidental ingestion.

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