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Improving Intuition: Tips and Exercises

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In this article, we will give you some useful tips and examples of exercises on how to improve your intuition.

A Must-Read for a Student: How to Develop Intuition

The finals passed by, it is summer, time for fun. However, new challenges and tests are waiting for you in the next semester. It is difficult to be perfectly prepared for every test in your life, and we are talking not only about school, college or university. How often do you use intuition to accomplish the task? “Oh, I do not have intuition at all,” but this statement is not true. Every person has the sixth sense, however, not everyone can recognize it and listen to it. see this here prepared some tips that will help you improve the sixth sense.

Make Friends with Your Intuition

“Each person has his/her own style of intuition that is associated with her/his physical sensations,” explains Tomas Condon in his book “The Power of Insights.” Someone feels warmth in the stomach, someone flashes a picture in the head or, for example, the eye begins to twitch. These are normal chaotic signals of the subconscious. Being alone with yourself, recall the cases when you successfully acted on an instinct in details. Write down absolutely all the sensations that you experienced: a noise in your ears, a strange feeling in your chest, a heart beating. Also, write down in which form the information came: was it a sudden clear decision or a vague image that you interpreted correctly? You will understand how the subconscious sends signals to you.

Learn How to Turn It on at the Right Time

After having found out how your intuition is born, try to use it consciously. Ask yourself a clear simple question and concentrate on that part of the body where your sixth sense arises. When the familiar feelings appear (they will appear, not from the first attempt, but keep trying) tightly squeeze hands. Repeat the exercise daily and pretty soon it will be enough to repeat this simple gesture to trigger the intuition mechanism.

Watch Movies Without Sound

TV shows and even news releases will be perfect for this exercise. Try using only the picture to find out what is it about. Pay attention to everything: facial expressions, gestures, emotions, the scene of the accident. Try to understand what the heroes are talking about.

Keep an Eye on People

It is ideal to do this when traveling in transport. Carefully analyze passengers: age, mood, emotions. Develop empathy for others in yourself. If you notice the feelings of others, you can understand the feelings of people close to you. Also, it is useful to make a decision on how to act in a certain situation. For, example, if you see anger or irritation on your mother’s face, it is better not to tell her at this moment that you failed the test.

Play with Cards

Try to guess, which card you will pull next. Of course, at first the results will not be satisfying, but after several attempts, you will be surprised. It is worth repeating such an exercise daily and the effect will not make you wait.

Give Freedom to Your Intuition

During the day, make as many assumptions as possible. Try to guess everything: the name of the waiter in the cafe, what your friend will be wearing, what task you will get first at college. Do not take this seriously and sincerely laugh at yourself when you are wrong. Your assumptions will be wrong in most cases. The purpose of this exercise is to relax and learn how to turn off logic. After a while, you will be surprised to find that more and more assumptions are relevant to the reality.

Keep a Diary

Write down all the manifestations and glimpses of your sixth sense: when you guessed something, understood a sign or made a decision at the subconscious level. Such documentary evidence helps not to give up and develop your intuition.

Interpret the Intuition Signals

In the morning, have 10-15 minutes to relax and close your eyes. Put a pen and a notepad in front of you and start writing; it is better to draw the images that appear in your mind. It will be a heap of nonsense. In the evening, review this list and try to compare it with the past day. A strange thing will come to light: a lot of things written in the morning were associated with future events. Repeat this daily and the stream of consciousness will become more and more vivid and understandable.

Get Rid of the Logic Filter

This exercise is a bit similar to the previous one and perfectly complements it. Write down different words in the notebook and your first associations with them (five for one session). Most likely, it will be a very boring list: “home – coziness,” “hospital – doctor,” “college – friends” and so on. When you finish, repeat the exercise with the same words immediately. Perhaps you will again get the logical pairs. Repeat the exercise several times. At some point, you will begin to write the most unexpected combinations, which should be carefully analyzed.

Ask Questions

You should not assume anything; otherwise, intuitive conclusions will be built on your mistaken judgments. Ask more questions, be inquisitive: “Why are you so angry now?”, “What happened?”, “Why are you behaving like this?” People usually willingly talk about themselves, however, be tactful. This will help you to use intuition in the future. You will know how they react and what exactly makes them behave this way.

During a complex test, it can be a simple question to the teacher. They facilitate work, but they are rarely asked: “Can there be several correct answers in the assignment?”, “Is there only one correct answer?”

Notice Details

Pretend to be Sherlock Holmes. However, do not use deduction (it is based on logic). Try to notice the smallest details and changes in your surroundings. For example, your friend smiles but not the way he/she does it usually. You may notice some changes in his/her behavior. Maybe something happened? Ask to check. To begin with, it is worth to know the usual state of things. Small details often help to see changes, signal about something. Learn to decrypt these signs.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

If you are not self-confident, you simply cannot believe in what intuition tells you. You will be inclined to trust the affirmation of friends or strangers, but not your sixth sense. Therefore, tell yourself compliments and cheer yourself.

Do Not Rely on Intuition

The intuition is an excellent auxiliary tool for comprehending the world, do not neglect it. However, do not forget that logic and intuition should act in pair: having received an inner prompt, think carefully about how it should be used.

It may sound ridiculous after reading the tips above, but these exercises really work, just try them. Of course, not for the sake of identifying phone calls or guessing strangers’ names, but in order to understand the signs that your body and subconscious send to you when you really need it.

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