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Planning Ahead to Avoid Retirement Regrets

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As you begin on your estate planning experience, it’s crucial to have in mind that your career goals, estate planning needs and your dreams of retirement are all elements you need to thoroughly weigh.For most people who reached the retirement age and quit working, they often experience regrets that they are not able to correct.

You can use some of the most common regrets to help your own planning efforts so you do not experience the same feelings. Let’s look at a couple of the most frequently expressed retirement regrets according to Steve Bliss the best probate attorney in San Diego.

Regret 1: I Wish I Knew Travel Was So Much Fun

For many people, taking exotic journeys to remote lands is usually seen as a luxury, especially when you are working and raising a family. But after you retire and have time and money to start traveling, you may realize that it is something you very much enjoy. If you have not traveled before, take some time to plan a couple of trips to see if traveling fits you. If so, come retirement you’ll be happy you began your adventures early rather than waiting until you stop working.

Regret 2: I Wish I Didn’t Stop Working

San Diego Probate Attorneys said that many people devote their whole lives committed to a career or occupation, and all of a sudden stopping when retirement comes around is a shock. While you may not wish to remain in your same profession, do not abandon your desire and need to be fulfilled by striving for a purposeful endeavor. Whether you help others with community projects or take on a new line of work, you should have something that allows your day-to-day life that path and purpose other than leisure hours.

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