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Protecting Your Children during a Marital Dissolution

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You may have a host of reasons for wanting to divorce your spouse. However, you do not want those reasons to affect the children that you and your spouse have together. Children are often the foremost concern in many parents’ minds as they prepare to divorce each other. You can make sure that your kids are protected and that they will be treated with the utmost concern and care by retaining a family law firm, mediators, and divorce lawyers in Libertyville IL to represent you in your case.

Child Support and Visitation

Most family court judges will permit both parents to have equal access to the couple’s minor children unless circumstances like abuse or neglect can be proven. As long as you and your spouse are both caring and responsible toward your children, you both may expect to share joint custody of them.

Even with a joint custody order, however, the children will realistically live with one parent more than the other. This majority residency allows the kids to continue to go to their established school and perhaps even remain in the family home after the divorce is granted.

The other parent then would receive visitation and pay child support to provide for the kids during their absence from this person’s home. The court utilizes a set formula to determine what the amount of support is that must be paid.

The court likewise will determine who gets primary custody based on circumstances like what parent has the greater income and who provided most of the care for the children during the marriage. Your lawyer can advocate for you and your kids if you want to be the one who receives primary custody of them and also maintain the family’s home.

After the judge renders an order regarding visitation and child support, you may need additional help having the order enforced. Some parents unfortunately skip out on their duties to their children. Your lawyer can make sure that the child support is paid or that you receive fair visitation to the children as ordered by the court.

A divorce disrupts a household and the lives of the minor children in the home. A lawyer can advocate for your best interests and the safety and protection of the children during the time that the case is pending and after the judge renders an official decision.

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