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Securing the Legal Help You Need after an Accident

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Before your on-the-job accident, you might have taken your ability to work and earn an income for granted. You had the luxury of going to work each day and bringing in a paycheck to sustain you and your family.

After you were hurt at work, however, you no longer had this luxury and instead now have to worry about how you can secure an income for your household. By retaining a law firm, court mediator, or one of your local workers comp lawyers Portland Oregon clients like you may be able to rebuild your life with compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Lost Income and Medical Costs

State law allows injured workers to take legal actions to recoup lost income and expenses that they have had to pay out for medical care. While you may be able to cash out vacation and sick time and have some of your medical costs covered by your health insurance, you still may not have enough monetary resources to handle all of the expenses you will face in the near future. You cannot sustain yourself on your savings and short term disability pay alone.

Your lawyer can file a claim against your employer’s insurance company to secure the immediate income that you have lost. You also may be entitled to continued payments if you cannot go back to work or if you have lost your ability to resume your former position. These payments may continue even if you qualify for long term disability through Social Security.

Your employer may also need to pay for more than just the basics for your medical care. The workers comp claim that you make initially might pay for x-rays, blood tests, and other first line treatments. However, you may need to pursue further action to ensure it pays for therapy, prescriptions, and long term care that you might require.

Settlement Terms

Many times to avoid going to court and continued payments, an employer will offer a settlement to an injured worker. This lump sum of money is intended to take care of both the immediate and future needs of the employee.

The initial sum may seem generous. However, it may fall short of taking care of your long term future needs. Your lawyer can negotiate the best settlement offer on your behalf and ensure you have more than enough with which to rebuild your life.

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