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Seek Assistance of A World Class Immigration Attorney To Work As Actor in The United States

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Los Angles remains full of actors, musicians, directors and producers. It is a movie hub. Thousands of actors go to Los Angeles to find work either in a film or a tv show. But for directors and producers it is not always easy to approach the desired actor especially if he or she is not living in the United States. If the actor you want to hire for your project is a foreign citizen, he or she needs an actor visa to enter the United States. Otherwise all you will get is delay in your project.

Visa is of many types when it comes to entering the United States. But for actors O-1 visa is the best. It is specifically introduced for people who have exhibited extraordinary talent in arts and industries. More specifically the O-1B visa is appropriate for actors who want to work in a film or television and have already demonstrated their talent and success in the industry concerned.

Well, perhaps we should define demonstration of extraordinary talents first?  Demonstration can be done through various means. If an actor who is from Europe, and has already won an Academy Award, it makes it easier to convince the immigration officials that he or she possesses high talents. If you don’t have bagged such awards yet, there is no need to worry about. You can show your box office records and high salaries as demonstration of your talents. Big brand actors get the visa easily while new actors find it a bit difficult to convince the officials that they deserve an O-1B visa.

The problem is that you are not the only one who requires the visa. Your support team including, a manager, assistants, personal make-up and styling crews and other team members also require visas. You cannot travel alone to the United States to work in a movie. You need your team who will remain with you throughout an entire project. They also can get an O-2 visa. This visa is specifically for the team members who accompany the actors for a movie or tv show.

If your project is lengthy, you won’t like to leave your spouse or kids behind. Movies, sometimes, take more than a year to complete. For your members, you can apply for O-3 visas. With these visas, they can accompany you until the completion of the project.

So apparently, all this process is exhaustive. If you are in such a situation, you should immediately consult with immigration attorney in Los Angeles. There is lots of documentation required. It is not always easy to convince the immigration officials that you have demonstrated extraordinary talents. It is highly likely that you possess extraordinary talents still your visa application get rejected because you fail to convince the immigration officials. You need expert advice and counseling. Leave the rest of the visa process to an experienced attorney and just focus on your project.

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