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Settling Household Legal Affairs with Professional Counsel and Guidance

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Separating from your spouse can be a traumatic and emotional experience for everyone in the household. Your children may be upset about no longer having both parents under the same roof. You may find it difficult to imagine your future as a newly single person.

On top of the emotional trauma, you also have to deal with legalities like who gets primary custody and how much child and spousal support will the non-custodial parent have to pay. You can get these legal questions answered and the counsel you need to move forward in a responsible and productive way by retaining a family law firm, Tampa divorce lawyer, legal mediator, and others to assist you in the process.

Resolving the Question of Child Custody

Your first concern when you file for divorce may center on who will get custody of your children during and after the proceedings. Will the judge award primary custody to you or your spouse? Will you have to split custody of them and be forced to live close to your soon-to-be ex-spouse because of that arrangement?

Each case must be decided uniquely and take into factors like whether or not one of the parents is abusive, who has the most practical financial means to support the children, and who has a stable residence for the children to live in after the divorce. Many states award primary custody to the mother as long as she is stable and responsible. However, it is not uncommon for fathers to be awarded custody today as well.

You may want to know what advantages you have in winning custody of the kids prior to going to court. Your lawyer can evaluate your situation, tell you what you must improve upon if anything in your life, and give you a fair assessment of your chances at gaining custody. You also will know what factors the judge may or may not look at with your case and what evidence you might need to provide the court to prove that you should be given primary custody over the minor children in the marriage.

Your lawyer can also assist with matters like child support and spousal maintenance during and after the proceedings. The counsel you are provided may provide enough of a foundation for you to build a new life upon after the judge decides on your divorce case.

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