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Stanford Victim: How Brock Destroyed Everything

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January 18, 2015, was the date that changed Emily Doe’s life forever. After a night of partying and drinking she was found unconscious near a dumpster. The assailant was Brock Turner, who was pinned down by two Swedish graduate students, Peter Lars Johnson and Carl-Fredrik Arndt.

Emily is a victim of rape. The great horror she went through would only shock her late in the day when she woke up. Campus police who found her described her as having pine needles in her hair. They also said that Emily was a “Bloody Mess.”

The legal rights of student victims surfaced in this case. Being students of the prestigious Stanford University, both Brock and Emily were entitled a defense when it came to the courts. The terrifying stories of how nurses found pine needles inside of Emily shocked the world, it was getting very apparent that Brock was indeed a monster.

As cases began mounting against Turner, the verdict came. Turner was charged guilty of 3 felonies and a sentence of 3 months in jail was the punishment. The Turner-Doe controversy sparked anger and rage among a lot of people. The judge who handed out the verdict cited that Brock was an honor student and a valuable member of the swimming team that if he were to spend more time in jail, it would ultimately ruin him.

A lot considered this judgment bias and downright absurd as it only thought of the assailant’s rights. It blatantly disregarded Emily Doe and the trauma she experienced. In response, a letter made by Emily became viral. In that letter, she describes the fear and terror she unconsciously experienced at the hands of a monster.


One of the most well-known travesties in history, the rights of Emily Doe, just vanished. In her letter, a creepy and terrible line stands out: “You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today.” Readers felt horrible with those lines. What most don’t know, is that Brock Turner is now free from his three-month sentence. The idea that sends chills down the spines of most people is the thought that a monster quietly lives amongst us.

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