Taking Necessary Steps to Stay in the Country Legally

The immigration laws in this country continue to change every year. What was acceptable for immigrants coming into this country last year may no longer apply to those who want to gain entry to the country this year. You may not know what the laws are and how they pertain to your immigration case.

Rather than risk deportation, you may want to take any and all legal steps to stay in the country while you pursue citizenship. You can accomplish this by hiring a law firm that specializes in helping people obtain work permits, student visas, and an eb3 green card today.

Clarifying the Reason for Your Stay

The immigration authorities now have the obligation of asking people why they are in the country and for what purpose they intend to stay for months or years at a time. They want to learn if you are here to study or work or if you want to pursue citizenship to become a legal and permanent resident.

Whatever your reason for being in the country, you may need help clarifying it to the proper authorities as well as gaining the right kind of paperwork that will prevent your deportation. Your lawyer can help you indicate to the government why you are here and also assist you in proving your identity and getting the right visas or green cards to remain in the country for the indicated amount of time.

If your documents are about to expire, you may want to renew them before time runs out and you have to go back to your country. The law firm can assist you in renewing your visa or green card so you can remain in the U.S. You may not know how to renew these documents on your own, which is why it could be helpful for you to retain a lawyer who specializes in these immigration tasks.

The laws for immigrating to the U.S. change on a frequent basis. You can abide by them and avoid deportation by hiring a skilled immigration law firm today.

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