The Benefits of Arranging Short Term Financing for Your Jail Release

Many people who are arrested and taken to jail have limited financial means. Most of them are not millionaires who can easily pay a bail or bond amount to secure their release. They have to come up with some other way to raise the cash and get out of jail.

You might be tempted to borrow money from your relatives or friends or even sell valuables like your car or motorcycle to get the cash. However, by working with a short term lender, a payday loan company, or a bail bond company beaver county pa defendants like you could get the money you need quickly and enjoy a number of benefits in turn.

Cash without an Extensive Credit Check

If the judge in your arraignment hearing granted you a cash bond, you may not need to undergo an extensive credit check in order to be approved for a bail bond. You may be able to secure it with just your paycheck or perhaps even your signature if you are a first-time offender and a low flight risk.

This benefit can help you if you have poor or no credit. You may not be able to pass a credit check for a surety bond, for example. Instead, with your limited credit means, it may be better for you to apply for a cash bond that may or may not need much if any collateral to back it up.

Another reason to use these services involves being able to make payments on what you owe to the bail bond company. If you were to go through a bank or another lender, you might have to make large payments that you cannot afford. Instead, the bail bonds company will allow you to make payments on the bond or bail amount that is based on what you earn. You avoid going into debt to pay off the amount that got you out of jail in the first place.

Finally, you are able to secure your release in a short amount of time. It can take weeks for a bank to approve you. A bail bonds company can approve you in a matter of hours.

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