Using Available Financial Means to Go Home Early

Chances are after you have been arrested that your only thoughts revolve around how you can go home as soon as possible. You have to first be booked and processed into the jail. After that, you have to go before a judge in an arraignment hearing to learn if you will be given the chance to make bail and be released.

When the judge has set a certain limit for your bail or bond, you may not want to languish another second longer in jail than necessary. By arranging for a short term loan, cash advance, or 24 hour bail bonds denver co defendants like you can soon be on your way home to await your next court appearance.

Knowing When to Make the Call

It is a common misconception that most arrestees are allowed the chance to make a phone call immediately after being taken to the jail or detention center. In fact, you often are not given a chance to call someone for help until you have been booked and processed. You may not want to make that phone call, however, until after you have had your arraignment hearing.

If you call too soon to a bail bonds agent, you will not know for how much to apply for a bail or bond. The bail bonds agent will show up to the jail house without the right amount of cash on hand.

However, if you call after your arraignment hearing, you will know how much you need to front in order to be released. In most cases, it is 10 percent of whatever your bail amount is. If the judge set bail at $10,000, for example, you will have to post $1000 to get out of jail.

You have plenty of time to make the phone call that could get secure your jail and help you get home faster. Your bail bonds agent will show up to the detention center with the right amount of cash on hand. You can then sign the contract, learn about when your next court date is, and be on your way home to your loved ones.

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