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What do family lawyers do

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Out of the various branches of lawyers, family lawyers Sydney have the most number. The number of these family lawyers is on the rise and yet there is no risk of them not being able to have enough work in the future. In fact, it is estimated that this field will only grow in the coming years rather than abating. Most of this is due to the fact that around half of almost all marriages end in divorce. This naturally brings in complicated cases of property, settlements, custody if children are involved and so on. In cases of a divorce – be it a contested one or non contested one, it is necessary to have a family lawyer specializing in divorce to represent the parties – that is if the parties want to ensure that they will get a fair trial and hearing. They would also expect to get their fair share of the assets and have the debts equally distributed between both the parties.

Why are family lawyers in so much demand?

Family lawyers Sydney and other cities as well, find themselves literally swamped in work as they look after a number of issues catering to all members of the family. They look after:

  1. Legal issues connected with any family member
  2. They look after legal issues like child custody as well as guardianship
  3. They look after divorce cases and annulments as well.
  4. They act as mediators in case of family disagreements
  5. They handle surrogacy related issues
  6. Issues with regards child rights or child abuse are handled by them
  7. They handle domestic violence and spousal abuse
  8. Legitimacy, adoption as well as parent responsibility comes under their purview
  9. They also handle settlements of property issues.
  10. They handle wills and estates – not only drawing up of wills but incase their client wants to contest a will. They also act as executors of the will and trustees for the estate.
  11. They file petitions and prepare pleadings. They also attend not only trials but also court proceedings as representatives of the family.

Handling divorces –

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why people contact a family lawyer in Sydney or elsewhere. When it comes to divorce cases, they play varied roles.

  1. They offer advice and services based on their expertise
  2. They file divorce papers as well as they represent the clients
  3. They also collect information and discuss the chances of the client receiving a favorable outcome. They inform their clients about the responsibilities they will need to handle.
  4. They start the divorce filing summons as well as complaint in the family court.
  5. In case of contested divorce where there is a hearing, litigations as well as trials, they represent their client through all this. In case of an uncontested divorce where there is no trial or hearing, they handle the discussion of the settlements.

These are in short the various reasons why people contact a family lawyer and how family lawyers help their clients to carry on with their normal lives.

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