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Why There are so Many Motor Vehicle Accidents

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In the US where there are more than 250 million vehicles registered Vehicle and about one quarter of that amount on the road at some times, motor vehicle accidents are prevalent. In fact they are so common that it is predicted that majority of those on the road will engage in some level of auto accident at some time during their driving life.

Technology companies continue to come up with new tech designed to increase car safety and the car companies have been amazing in terms of safety features being added to autos, and all of it has in fact helped a great deal in reducing the serious injuries and deaths from autos from a percentage standpoint. But we have all come to accept at least for the time being, that motor vehicle accidents for the foreseeable future will be a part of everyday life and the injuries and sometimes deaths that accompany them will continue as well.

So if you are driving, make sure that you have insurance and if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident make sure you contact local car accident attorneys to see if you are in a position to file a case. Remember, if you are in an accident in Columbia South Carolina, you need to engage reputable Columbia SC car accident lawyers to handle your case because they know the local laws and landscape.

But to help avoid the need to call an attorney here is a list of the causes of many of today’s vehicle accidents. If you are engaging in any of these activities when you drive, you should stop immediately.

Texting and other driver distractions

Perhaps the top reason why there are so many accidents today is because of driver’s being distracted while driving, with the largest category for distractions being the mighty cell phone. For some reason people think it is a great idea to drive a 3,000 automobile 60 miles per hour and not look at the road for long periods of time while you chat with you friend about the party tonight. If you look at this on paper, it seems like a silly thing to do, and it is, but this does not stop throngs of drivers from doing it all the time. The result of course are plenty of vehicle accidents. Some drivers even play video games or watch movies while driving. Although this group is smaller, they still create a major hazard for themselves, others on the road, and even those on the streets. When we get into an auto we need to remind ourselves of our responsibilities behind the wheel and one of those is to not toy with anything that takes our focus from the road.

Driving Too Fast

There are two aspects to driving too fast. One is when the driver drives too fast for road conditions or his own capabilities. Just because there is a speed limit posted, it does not mean that this is the speed you should travel. Rain, snow, slowing traffic and other factors are to be considered when driving on the road no matter what the posted speed limit. Drivers driving too fast for the road conditions cause many accidents. Be mindful of any factors that may cause you to need to slow your speed.  Driving above the speed limit is the other main cause for accidents. Speed limits are posted to be observed, not as a challenge to drivers to try and beat them. They take into account the speed other drivers can likely handle, and issues like curves in the road. Observe them and you make yourself and everyone else safer.

Driving Impaired

Too put it plainly, there is no reason to drive while impaired, and yet 300,000 people drive impaired every day. These drivers cause dozens of car accidents and 28 deaths per day in the US. The solution is simple; if you are impaired do not drive. If you even think you may be impaired, do not grab your car keys. The statistics say that you will hurt someone including yourself and perhaps someone you love if you do.

Most vehicle accidents can be avoided if we exercise some common sense, pay attention and observe the rules of the road.

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